Wingate provides various critical IT management services for small & medium sized businesses.


Our IT management services includes PC Management, Server Management and Network Management, on a fixed annual/outsourced resource payment model to small and medium sized businesses.



Our PC/Smart Devices Management provides maintenance services your computer/tablet/mobile needs without delay or interruption to your business.








Our maintenance services are as below:


Corrective Maintenance


Corrective maintenance, commonly referred to as "repair," is the correction of a problem after the computer has already broken down. The goal of this form of maintenance is to restore operability to the system by either correcting the problem or replacing the damaged components. If you are unsure of the cause or how to fix your problem, Wingate's IT gurus will help you with fixing it.


Preventive Maintenance


Preventive maintenance is defined as the proactive maintenance of equipment before a fault or failure occurs. Preventive maintenance involves routine tasks to ensure that your system is running optimally and to avoid problems before they arise.

Wingate's IT agents will ensure that your systems run hassle free with taking corrective measure to ensure the systems run smoothly without affecting your business as well as provide timely guidance on how to improve your business processes through technology to save time and money.

PC/SMART DEVICES Mgmt starting at AED 900/mo

which includes device optimization, maintenance & support.



Wingate believes that in order to be successful in today's business environment, technology needs to work for you not against you. We will protect and defend your business against hackers, viruses, and spyware while ensuring uptime, productivity and efficiency of the network and the nucleus of your business i.e. servers which house critical applications, databases, and email functionality.








Server Management

Wingate's agents will become your server administrator, carrying out all the routine maintenance required to keep your employees working and your server secure. We will ensure that new employees are working, old employees are not, and your information is accessible to the correct individuals.

We monitors our clients' servers in 5 major categories, including Device Availability, Critical Events, Performance, Security, and Service Availability.

Network Management

Your company's infrastructure is a crucial element to its success; requiring regular care to perform at an optimal level. As your IT specialist, Wingate will monitor the overall health of your network daily, ensuring your technology maintains its best condition possible. By proactively maintaining your system, our technology specialists will beable to pinpoint issues before they surface, preventing your company from expensive downtime and other complications.

SERVER & NETWORK Mgmt starting at AED 1500/mo

which ensure defense against hackers, viruses, spyware & ensure productivity while managing vital components of your business.

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