Wingate's On Call Support Services give you affordable access to a responsive, professional and access to our large pool of IT experts , whenever you need us.


A proactive and flexible IT service plan for your business to get the IT support they need when they need it. Wingate provide's a proactive and automated preventative maintenance schedule, and the flexibility to control IT budgets. Everon's On Call IT Service is ideal for small to med-sized businesses seeking more than just reactive hourly IT support.

Our team consists of a large pool of IT experts that is at your disposal with just a phone call or email. You will have access to our server management experts to helpdesk support from our remote and onsite highly trained engineers should the need arise. We understand that response times are critical when you have technology issues.

On Call Plans starting from AED 250 per call

Responsive Support When You Need It Most.

On Call Plan includes support for networks, servers, PCs and smart devices such as Tablets, Smart Phones.


Our On Call IT Support Service serves individuals, small businesses and larger organizations that are seeking security and maintenance for their systems. On Call IT Service includes all of below services and access to Wingate's experienced technology team.


On Call PC Maintenance


  • Basic workstation inspection and cleaning of workstations & server

  • Perform operating system updates and security patches.

  • Virus protection updates and configuration.

  • Spam, Spyware, Malware and Pop-up protection updates.

  • Application software updates and configuration.

  • Remove temp files, cached items and perform a hard drive clean-up.

  • Ensure all backup and data recovery tasks are enabled and tested.

  • Test and discover hardware related issues or potential problems.

  • Network connectivity and speed testing.

  • Security and intrusion testing of network and firewall abilities.

  • General assessment of network, workstations, connectivity, security as a whole.

  • Optimize startup and shutdown of workstations.

  • Tune up & disabling of unnecessary system services.

  • Hard drive integrity check and advise on preventive backup measures + defragmentation (if required).

  • Verify connections to map drives, printers, 3rd party network connections.

  • Verify email storage and optimization to prevent data loss.


On Call PC Fix


This maintenance refers to action only taken when a system or component failure has occurred. It is thus a retroactive strategy. The task of the maintenance team in this scenario is usually to effect repairs as soon as possible. Costs associated with corrective maintenance include:

  • Site visit costs

  • System diagnosis & repair costs

  • Any hardware that may need replacement costs


The PC once fixed can also be coupled with our "On Call PC Maintenance" service to prevent future issues.

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