Why Use Responsive Web Design?

5 Aug 2015


We live in a world where one in four people have access to a smartphone. Later this year there will be more searches on a mobile device then at the desk, but why does this matter? It’s now clearer than ever that you can no longer ignore this market share or you are severely limiting your outreach. If you are on the edge of getting a mobile website, or think you don’t need a responsive website, consider these important facts:



What does this mean?

The figures above shouldn’t be a shock to you. How often do you see someone walking around with their face in their phone? Point proven.


With people willing to walk blindly into a road because of the exciting twitter trends, it’s no surprise that 48% of people use their phones whilst browsing in a store before buying. It’s also not a shock that 34% of smartphone users are now happy enough to browse the internet exclusively on their phone. The take home message from this is that it’s very important that your website doesn’t put them off. With 44% of people claiming that bad mobile navigation caused them to leave the website before looking at any other pages, you could be losing almost half of your prospective clients before they even know what you do.


What should I do?

The simple answer is to make sure you have a responsive website which looks good across all devices and is ready for any resolution.


In reality it isn’t this simple. Only you know what your business really needs, for example: Does a mobile phone app really need a desktop site? There are multiple questions you should ask yourself before looking at going into the world of responsive web design. Although it’s not recommended (due to having two websites and hurting your Google ranking), a quick fix solution could be to design a second mobile website, until you can merge the two into a responsive website. It’s expected that later this year Google will announce that responsive websites will rank better, and websites that perform poorly on mobile searches will be pushed down.


What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a relatively new but important approach to designing a website. It is aimed at providing users with an optimal viewing experience on any device across all resolutions. It achieves this by providing users with resized (or sometimes even removed) sections and minimising the navigation the user has to do. This often means your website may be long in scrolling, but fiddly buttons and side navigations are features which are no longer present on mobile devices. This improves user experience, satisfaction and means that the user is less inclined to leave your website due to finding it hard to use.







Source: http://piccana.co.uk

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