B2B SEO Strategy – Key Differences to B2C

9 Feb 2016


There is one key difference between B2C and B2B when it comes to SEO. When developing your B2B SEO strategy it’s important to account for these differences. When we talk about B2C website marketing we usually expect the lead time to be short. This can be anywhere from instant (such as an eCommerce store) to a few days (a custom quote online service). This is because a consumer will usually know what they are looking for, know their budget, and have very few people to consult. Virgin did a great blog post on impulse purchases which explains the psychology behind these decisions. It’s rare that a B2B transaction will be done on an impulse, so it’s important that your B2B SEO strategy is aware of this fact. There is a chain of command that needs to be followed before any decisions can be made and this increases the lead time. In 2011 Harvard did a study and found that the average response time for businesses is about 48 hours (which is too long in our opinion). In the B2C world this 48 hour response time is far too long to be practical – but in B2B it’s acceptable.

It’s important when developing your B2B SEO strategy that you keep this chain of command in mind. Your website should provide good transparency and answer any potential questions with the business director in mind. This isn’t really SEO but more user experience. We recommend that you visit your website as each position in any potential businesses you are targeting. Find the website as an intern who was sent to find your service, and then look at it from the managements point of view. This will ensure that your website looks great for the intern, but answers the burning questions that management wants to know. With this in mind here are 3 simple SEO tips to help you with your B2B SEO strategy.





Use Industry Buzzwords on your Website

When you create content for a B2C company it’s important to ensure that all the content is easily readable for the average viewer. This means that you need to cut down on your industry jargon. When it comes to B2B it’s a whole different story. In business people like to think they know what they are doing, when in reality few do. This means that you actually make up words to make yourself sound smarter. While we don’t suggest you create your own words, it’s a good idea to ensure that you speak highly about your company. You are going to be competing with companies that call themselves guru’s and experts, so if you are just ‘that company’ you won’t stick in the mind of management. Buzzwords don’t work in the real world but when it comes to B2B everyone wants an SEO god.


Create Valuable and Detailed in-depth Content

Did you know that in B2C 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website? When it comes to designing a website for the consumer market you need to create flashy graphics, cool animations and unique ideas. Short simple sentences and not too many words per page is key to converting for B2C. When it comes to B2B it’s important to focus mostly on the content. Remember how we talked about impulse buying? Don’t count on that in your B2B SEO strategy. It’s unlikely a flashy graphic is going to convince a business owner to buy your service. You need to focus on writing detailed content so that the business owner knows what you do and can learn about your service, but also so that you sound like you know what you are talking about. If you have the time you could write a short eBook or create a video on YouTube. Anything which allows you to look confident and speak about your subject is always going to help you convert a lead to a sale.


Your B2B SEO Strategy should be Long Term

Black Friday exists in the B2C world because there is no long term contracts involved. The consumer picks up the product and pays for it. Aside from the loss of money the consumer is now completely free from any binding with the business. For a B2B company it’s completely different. Most contracts between two businesses will last for months or even years. It’s a long term commitment and it needs to be well thought out. Offering a one day sale is unlikely to convince businesses to buy your service. Your B2B SEO strategy needs to aim for long-term goals which can take months to reach.


If you need help developing a B2B SEO strategy or any other B2B marketing services then contact us.






Source: https://piccana.co.uk/b2b-seo-strategy-key-differences-to-b2c/

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